Wismer Dining Hall and Lounge

Wismer Dining Hall


Is the main dining hall on campus. The Space includes:

  • Seating Capacity for 300 people
  • Staff Dining Room for 48 people
  • Executive Dining Room for 20 people
  • Gold Alcove Dining for 144 people with a projection screen and projector
  • Red Alcove Dining for 96 people
  • Audio System In main dining hall and alcoves with microphone and music playback

Lower Wismer Lounge


Is a base for Ursinus Student Affairs events. There are also catering facilities.  The space includes:

  • Seating Capacity for 100 people
  • Stage area
  • Podium with microphone
  • Basic Stage Lighting
  • PA sound system with 24 channel audio console
  • Projection screen and projector

The Bears Den

Is a meeting room with:

  • Seating Capacity for 50 people
  • Projection screen and projector
  • Chairs and Tables (Self Setup)

We accept reservations for rental of our facilities for the months of December/January and May – August. Exceptions will be considered. 

For Wismer inquiries please contact the CASE Assistant Director, Tessa Narins

Public Events on campus are listed at the Ursinus College Box Office www.ursinus.edu/tickets