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Tailgating Tips

Want to be a superstar spectator? Check out our tips below for the best ways to show love and support to your favorite student-athletes at Ursinus.

1. Know the rules of the game.

Be sure to read the full Tailgating Policy so you know the do’s and don’t of the game.

One of the most important reminders is to only set up tents, chairs, and games on the grass/behind your own vehicle/not in a parking spot. Ursinus does not have any excess parking so every single parking space must be reserved for parked cars only. 

2. Don’t get flagged for a party foul!

Avoid bringing anything glass to the tailgate and make sure to clean up after yourself. No one likes a dirty, messy, parking lot. Our reputation matters. Help us look good for our families, alumni, and even our opposing team guests.

3. It’s a team sport.

Watch out for each other and if you see something, step in to help. For example, as new people are pulling into the lot, if you see them setting up their chairs in a parking spot, say “Hey, just so you know, we’ll fill up here and need every spot. They ask to put the chairs on the grass or behind your car. Thanks so much” Not everyone has been in the lots before and could use some assistance. We need everyone to pitch in and help.

Call campus safety if you see behaviors that are unsafe or unhealthy: 610-409-3333 or use the MobileU App to text dispatch anonymously.

3. Make smart plays.

If 21+ years old and choosing to consume alcohol, don’t go over the line and drink too much or consume too quickly, causing difficulty for yourself and others. 

  • Pace yourself to one drink per hour to allow your body to feel the effects of the drug before adding more to the system
  • Focus on the food and enjoy the tailgate for all it has to offer
  • Stay hydrated with water and other non-alcoholic drinks
  • Avoid chugging, shots, or games that promote drinking quickly or competitively as it will only lead to over-intoxication: sloppiness, drama, vomiting, blacking out - and while that’s certainly not fun for you - it’s also a way to ruin the fun for the rest of the crowd. 

For Parents:

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Did you know that your behavior at tailgate functions has a big impact on your student’s behaviors even well after the game ends? Check out this research study that shows students later model what they see and perceive as acceptable by their parents during tailgating. 

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Heading to an Away Game?

If heading to another campus to cheer on the Bears, be sure to read their tailgating policy first. Each campus has their own culture and rules and all campuses in the Centennial Conference’s tailgating policies are found here:

Centennial Conference tailgating policies

Homecoming 2023

For bigger events, like Homecoming ’23, check out the special webpage with so many FAQs, tips, and resources. There’s no place like home!

Homecoming 2022: October 22

Show Your Spirit!

Check out the College Bookstore to get the proper shirts and swag for the game!

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