Additional Survey Information

Please don’t hesitate to ask additional questions you may have!


Absolutely no raw data or personally identifiable information is shared with anyone at Ursinus by Denison.

As previous communications have stated, Denison Consulting has provided you with an individual link so that you may participate directly with Denison. They send the link, and they receive your responses. Absolutely no raw data is shared with anyone at Ursinus by Denison. They are bound by the Safe Harbor laws to protect the confidentiality of the data of their clients. In addition, Barb has worked with Denison for many years and has never had an anonymity breach or a confidentiality violation.

Data Reported

We will receive only aggregated data to show us trends in our organization. Some of you have asked to what level the data will be revealed. The concern is protecting anonymity. Our HR department has supplied demographic data for each Ursinus faculty and staff member so that Denison can analyze the data for us. We have asked for data in only the broadest of these categories:

  • Staff and Faculty
  • Full-time and Part-time
  • Exempt and Non-exempt
  • Faculty categories as follows:
    • Arts and Humanities
    • Social Sciences
    • Sciences
    • All other faculty
  • Staff Categories as follows:
    • Finance and Administration
    • Enrollment
    • Advancement
    • Student Affairs
    • Athletics
    • Library and Information Technology
    • Communications
  • Length of service: 0-5 years; 6-10 years; 11-15 years; 16-20 years; 20+ years
  • Tenure status: Tenured; tenure track; non-tenured

We have asked for data in each of these individual broad categories only – we are not interested in individual data. Even with these broad categories, it is still possible that some subcategories could be small; Denison’s firm and standard practice is never to provide data in groups that are small enough to make inferences about individuals. We are committed to protecting your anonymity and confidentiality.

Results and Next Steps

We will be sharing results of the survey with the campus community in the spring and working with the entire community to design the best course of action to improve our culture.

What do we intend to do once we receive the results, and will Faculty and Staff will get the “real results?” We intend to share the results and to be completely transparent. This is how we will begin to build trust. This process is not only about what we learn, but most importantly, what we do with that information. Denison will provide us with final reports based on the demographics we have provided. We are never given raw data to re-manipulate so that we could change the outcome. We fully expect to learn the good, the bad, and the ugly about our world at Ursinus – that is why we are doing the survey. Our goal is to learn what we need to do to continue improving our culture.