Employees are encouraged to have their paychecks deposited directly to their accounts with any bank of their choice.

Payroll Procedures

There are two specific payrolls the College uses to pay all employees which are determined by an employee’s classification.  

Non-Exempt (Hourly) Employee

All non-exempt hourly employees are paid on a biweekly basis. The pay date is every other Friday throughout the year.  There are 26 pay periods each calendar year.

Time sheets are the basis for wage payment. A record of hours worked must be maintained for all non-exempt (hourly) employees.

Only the employee whose name appears on a time sheet may initiate the record of hours worked. If an error is made on either of these reports, it must be reported immediately to the supervisor for correction. It is the responsibility of the employee and supervisor to submit payroll information to the payroll office in a timely manner. Punching in, using another’s time records or falsifying information is not permitted and is cause for dismissal.

Exempt (Salaried) Employee

All exempt salaried employees are paid on a monthly basis. The College pays all exempt salaried employees on a monthly basis.  The pay date is the last business day of each month.  There are 12 pay periods each calendar year.

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