Resolution of Employee Concerns

To assure ourselves that employee concerns, problems or suggestions will be heard and satisfactorily discussed and resolved, an Open Door Policy is observed and encouraged by the College.

Our policy allows all employees the opportunity to communicate openly with the college staff, managers and officers.

If any employee of the College has a complaint, a concern or a suggestion, please present it to your immediate supervisor. If the situation involves your supervisor, please direct the matter to the Vice President that your supervisor reports to or the personnel officer of the College.

An employee may request confidentiality for the conversation. The supervisor may find that confidentiality is inappropriate for compliance with laws or for concerns about health and safety of others. The College expects employees to report concerns about violation of laws and about health and safety matters.

In all cases, the supervisor or personnel officer is expected to reply within a reasonable time after the discussion. Situations that relate to health, safety or security should be referred immediately to the appropriate person or department in a manner that respects the confidentiality of the employee as requested.

If satisfaction is not received at the supervisor level, the employee should discuss the concern with the department head or the designated personnel officer.

The College encourages employees to follow the internal lines of discussion before referring concerns to outside agencies.