Social Media Guidelines

Be Transparent
Be clear on whose behalf you are speaking. In your personal posts, you may identify yourself as an Ursinus employee, however, please be clear that your views are as an individual, not as a representative of Ursinus. If you choose to list your work affiliation on a social network or identify your association with the College then you should regard all communication on that network as you would in a professional network.

Be Accurate when Posting Factual Information
Get the facts straight before posting on social media. If you post inaccurate information then correct it quickly.

Respect your audience 
Your personal conduct on social media sites can be made easily available to public at large. Anything you post on a social media site in your role as an Ursinus faculty or staff member reflects on you and the College. As such, be professional and deliberate with your comments and avoid engaging in emotionally charged arguments or debates with critics.

Think before Posting and Re-posting Private Material
Think about your comments, photos or other content before posting, remembering that anything you share in social media, even within closed networks, becomes publicly
available information. As a guideline, do not post anything that would not be presented in any public forum. Would you want to see this post in the newspaper?

Take the Higher Ground
Don’t pick a fight on line. Be thoughtful, accurate, relevant and respectful on publically available sites.

Don’t Be a Mole
Never pretend to be someone else and post about Ursinus.

Additional Info:

The College Communications Office provides additional information regarding Social Media Guidelines