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Technology Support, located on the main level of the Myrin Library, is the primary customer service unit for Information Technology at Ursinus College. We are charged with making sure technology problems are resolved to your satisfaction.

Requests are received at Tech Support in a variety of ways:

Ursinus College Service Portal:  Submit a Request

e-mail -

walk-up service - main floor of Myrin Library

telephone - (610) 409-3789

With certain issues, we may be able to assist remotely and take control of your computer through the network.  You must first call Ursinus Tech Support at the number above in order for this process to work.  Do not use the link unless you have called and are currently speaking with someone from Tech Support on the phone.  We will direct you on the proper procedure.  

Please note:  Never allow anyone to access or control your computer unless you initiated the request by calling Ursinus Tech Support first.  Someone looking to steal your information may call or email you to connect with them or ask you to click a link so they can assist you.  Ursinus would never do this.  This is a scam.  

Ursinus Bring Your Own Device

Ursinus Bring Your Own Device

Find information regarding personal devices on campus, and answers to questions about what computer to use or purchase. 

Accessing/Mapping the Ursinus shared drives, also referred to as the “S” drive.

Mapping a drive means that you want permanent access to a folder that is currently residing on another computer, server, or network storage device. Windows will assign a new drive letter to the folder and it can be accessed just like any other drive connected to your computer.  Mac will add a link/icon for the drive.

Technology Support

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Located on the Main Level of
Myrin Library