Cable TV

Cable television service is provided in all dorms and residence hall rooms both on and off the main campus, as well as in some office, academic and public locations.

Cable TV Lineup

Check here for the cable tv channel listing and print it out for your room.

How to Connect

Not sure how to connect your TV to the Cable TV Network? This is a great resource for quick setup or general help.

Announcements/ Campus Life Channel

Advertise your event or announcement on the TV monitors located around campus.

Report a Cable TV Issue/ Request for Service

Please note:

Students must bring their own television and coaxial connection to access cable and the original remote control in order to program the television for cable service.  These items WILL NOT be provided by the Ursinus College Technology Support Center.

If you would like assistance with setting up your TV to receive cable or if there are problems, contact the Technology Support Center to talk to a staff member.  Upon verification of your issue and assuming the need arises we will arrange for an IT staff member to be dispatched to assist you.