Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cable questions we frequently hear…

Where can I buy a coax or HDMI cable?

The school bookstore sells HDMI and Coax cables.

Where can I find the channel line up?

UC Channel Line Up

What if I can’t connect a coax cable to the back of my TV?

Older TVs may have a different connector. You’ll see screws instead of the round connector on your wall plate. You’ll need an adapter in this case. If you do not know what adapter you need, you can contact tech support for help at 610-409-3789 or

What equipment is required?

A QAM tuner is required to receive HD Channels. You should check the specifications from your TV manufacturer to determine if it includes a QAM tuner. Less expensive TVs can come with a lower quality clear QAM tuner that may be unable to pick up all the digital channels. Students with certain TV brands, such as Dynex and Insignia, may experience these types of problems. This list of manufacturer compatibility has been compiled from external sources:

* Dynex - limited models have a QAM tuner

* Insignia - limited models have a QAM tuner

* LG - most models since 2007 have a QAM tuner

* Samsung - all models since 2009 have a QAM tuner (fifth digit of model number must be B or a letter beyond B in the alphabet)

* Sony - most models since 2007 have a QAM tuner

* Sylvania - do not appear to have QAM tuners

* Toshiba - most models since 2007 have a QAM tuner

* Visio - recent models have a QAM tuner

What if my TV does not have a QAM tuner?

Contact tech support to receive a digital converter that will allow your TV to receive all the channels.

I’m not getting all of the channels in the lineup?

Your TV may not have a QAM tuner and therefore not receiving the HD Channels. If it does have a QAM tuner try to re-run the channel scan. Contact tech support for additional help or to receive a digital converter. Report an issue if these things have been checked upfront because we will ask. 

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

For assistance with cable TV, contact Tech Support at 610-409-3789 or