Pay For Print

Printing to the ink SmartStation, a print kiosk powered by frontier technology.

Print from your Mac or Windows computer, Chromebook, or any internet connected computer. 

Print to one of our available printers


Pay for Printing FAQs

Drag and Drop Printing Link and Directions

The directions below will allow you to choose documents from your computer/laptop device, and send the print jobs to the SmartStations across campus.

  1. Click, or manually enter in your browser, the following URL/web address of the printing portal:

  2. When the above link/printing page opens, you must log in with your Ursinus credentials.

  3. After logging in, you can click the print icon.  

  4. You can then drag and drop any files you wish to print.

  5. You can then go to the SmartStations, log in and follow directions to complete printing. 

Ways to save on the cost of printing:

  • Print in black and white only.

  • Print duplex/two sided prints

    • Double-sided prints in black and white cost 12 cents per page or 6 cents per side compared to 14 cents for two pages of single side printing. 

    • For color, one page of double-sided prints are 34 cents per page compared to 36 cents for two pages of single side color printing.

Please note: The SmartStation will display the cost of your print job. You can choose whether you want to accept and print without changing or choose to print in black and white (7 cents per page) or color (18 cents per page) by doing the following:

  1. Once you are signed in to the SmartStation, click Print and choose the file(s) you wish to print.

  2. Click Continue. 

  3. Select Change Print Options.


  4. Select the pencil icon, and follow the prompts to choose black and white (7 cents per page) or color (18 cents per page). 







Adding money to Bearbucks


Please call Tech Support with any questions or issues, or stop by our office on the Main Level of the Myrin Library. You can also call us at 610-409-3789.

Direct Printing from your Windows or Mac Computer

To print from any computer running Windows or Mac OS you will firstly need to install the driver. This will add an Ink printer to your File → Print menu.

To install the driver on your computer, click this link:
After logging in, click on the “File-Print” option at the top of the next page and then follow the directions listed on the page that loads titled “Ink desktop driver”.

Full information, instructions, and tuorials can be found at this website:

Additional notes:

  • You can plug in a flash/thumb/usb drive at any of the SmartStations and print directly by choosing the file on the drive that you want to print.
  • If you prefer to use your Ursinus ID to complete a print transaction,
    there is a one-time setup at the SmartStation to link the ID card to your ink account.
    That would need to be repeated if you lose your ID and a new Ursinus ID card has been issued.
  • Payment for print jobs can be made using Bearbucks, or an account with “ink”.

    Currently, “ink” accounts can be funded in increments of $5, $10, $20, or
    $50. Payment to fund a print account with ink can be made using a credit or debit
    card. The ink account can be in addition to, or instead of using Bearbucks to print.

    To add money to your “ink” account, you can add funds by logging in at any of the kiosks or thru any computer and going to this webpage:

    Then log in with your Ursinus username and password, and then click the green “add funds” link at the top right of the webpage.