Telephones and Conferencing

Smart Phones, Desk Phones, Conferencing, etc.

Desk telephoneUrsinus College provides Mitel/ShoreTel desk telephone sets, IP(data) and analog telephone lines, special telephony devices (such as faxes, credit card readers, and mobile devices), access to voice-mail, phone and data cabling, expert advice and guidance as well as a range of telecommunications management and consulting services.


  1. Download and Install Mitel Connect for Windows or Mac
    1. This software is designed for use with Windows or Mac to help with managing phone options. A more modern and efficient way to control your phone.
    2. You must be on-campus or connected to the VPN to download the Mitel Connect app.
  2. Voice-mail Setup
  3. Web/Telephone Conferencing Solutions
  4. More Information and Training
  5. I need immediate help - Call 610-409-3789 or email with details.

Smart Phones and Mobile Devices

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