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Tutoring & Academic Coaching Services

The Institute for Student Success (ISS) is fully committed to helping students reach their academic goals.

The ISS staff is readily available to students wishing to discuss strategies for succeeding in online and remote classrooms. Any student seeking tutoring support can contact the ISS by phone at (610) 409-3400, or stop by our office located in lower Wismer.

Individual Tutoring (Most 100 and 200 Level Courses)

Our individual tutoring program is designed to help students strengthen their course-specific knowledge and build strategies for success. Students will select a student tutor who is an advanced standing student in the course. Tutors and students work together on a one to one basis. Tutoring will be done in person. To register for an account, or to schedule an appointment with an individual tutor, use this link.

Note - Not all subjects and course levels are offered.

Tutors are trained to facilitate most 100 and 200 level course assistance. You may schedule an appointment with a tutor for a higher level course, or for a subject not listed, but please know that the tutor will contact you and either recommend another tutor, or cancel the appointment if they are not comfortable assisting you. You can always connect with the ISS to seek assistance by stopping into our office in lower Wismer.

Academic Coaching

Our academic coaching program is designed to help students develop academic skills throughout their college career and beyond. Peer Academic Coaches are advanced standing students that have been trained to guide students in developing skills such as time management, establishing SMART goals, effective study habits, etc. To register for an account, or to schedule an appointment with a coach, use this link.

Helpful Notes for Scheduling an Appointment for Tutoring or Coaching:

  • You are responsible for making tutoring appointments online. You must make appointments at least 24 hours in advance and cancel them if you do not think you can make the appointment.

  • To find a tutor in the subject you are in need of assistance, use the “What subject are you looking for?” drop-down menu to narrow the tutor list by subject.

  • You may sign up with any tutor or academic coach that is available at your chosen time.

  • Click on a white block of time that you desire next to your tutor’s name and fill in the required information in the pop-up window.

  • Click “Save Appointment.” You will receive a confirmation email.

  • Please communicate with your chosen tutor to determine a place to meet.

Brilliant Bears Coaching Workshops

Coaches will also be offering our “Brilliant Bears” coaching workshops. These workshops will focus on student success themes and will offer students a chance to work with coaches and other students on core academic skills. Sessions will begin the second or third week of the semester.

Day of the Week Time Location
Tuesday 7:00 - 8:00 PM IDC 116
Thursday 8:00 - 9:00 PM IDC 116

Group Tutoring

Group tutoring sessions are designed to give students the opportunity to work in group settings with guidance from a student tutor. Within the group tutoring program, we offer course-specific workshops, as well as drop in sessions. Please click on the course/subjects listed below to find more information. Please note - not all courses below offer group tutoring or workshops every semester.

MCAT Preparation Workshops

Join advanced stating students in the pre-med track to discuss all things MCAT. Topics will include registering for the test, effective study strategies, as well as practice problems. These sessions are open to Junior and Senior Pre-med track students that are preparing for the MCAT. Sessions will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8:00 - 9:00 PM in PFA 210. NOTE - Tuesday March 29 session will be held in PFA 001B.

Need More Assistance?

If you are having any difficulties accessing the services above, or would like to speak with an ISS staff member to gain more information, please stop by our office, located in lower Wismer, or call 610-409-3400.