Timetable for Research Projects

View timetables, deadlines & when to use required forms.

Dates for meetings will be circulated to the college community at the beginning of each semester. IRB meetings may also be held on an as-needed basis, depending on need. These meetings will be announced to the campus community as well. Principal Investigators may be invited to, or may request to attend, IRB meetings to discuss their proposals. 

Research proposals requiring Full Board review should be submitted at least two weeks before the committee meeting. Any proposal in need of full review that does not meet this deadline will be reviewed during the next scheduled meeting.

In all cases, the Chair will issue a written letter to the principal investigator regarding the decision on the proposal as soon as possible. Submission of  proposal materials as an e-mail attachment will generally lead to a faster response time and is required.  IRB approval must precede commencement of any work involving human subjects.

Adverse Events/ Protocol Deviation/ Unanticipated Problems Report Form.

This form is used to notify the IRB immediately if adverse events occur and what actions the investigator has taken to respond.

Revision Form

A Revision form  must be submitted whenever there are changes in the procedures of collecting data from human subjects.  The change must be re-reviewed and approved, as well as any changes to the informed Consent/Assent forms.

Add/Remove/Change IRB Study Personnel Form

Use this form for any personnel/student investigator additions or deletions. 

Continuing Review Form

Data collection involving human subjects that extends beyond one year must be re-reviewed, and re-approval granted, for research to continue. Begin the process by submitting a Continuing Review form.  If the study requires continuing review, a continuing review form should be submitted at least one month prior to the date of expiration of IRB approval.  If the form is not submitted and approval has expired all research must cease.   To continue research once a protocol has expired, a new proposal will need to be submitted for review.  

Based on recent research-guideline changes, continuing review of research is not required for research eligible for expedited review or research that has progressed to the point that it involves only one or both of the following, which are part of the IRB-approved study:
(A) Data analysis, including analysis of identifiable private information or identifiable biospecimens, or
(B) Accessing follow-up clinical data from procedures that subjects would undergo as part of clinical care.

Study Closure Form

IRB approval is valid for a period set by the IRB. This is often no more than 12 months, but will be explained in your approval letter. “Continuing review” of protocols can be approved in effective perpetuity unless the protocol has any modifications. Upon closure of a study a Study Closure Form  must be submitted to the IRB. The principal investigator will be sent a reminder to submit this form one month prior to the date of expiration of IRB approval. If this form is not submitted, the IRB will not be able to approve any future applications from faculty who have outstanding paperwork.