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3D Printing Workshop (5-1-20)

Access (December 2019)

Accessing Files on the Go (September 2018)

Advanced Qualtrics and Pivot Tables (9-23-20)

Apporto Training (3-20-20)

Asynchronous Teaching Workshop (1-7-21)

Audacity/Podcasting (7-22-20)

Audacity/Podcasting Workshop (4-27-2021)

Audacity Workshop (October 2019)

Basic Chat and Calls in Teams (March 18, 2020)

Basic Computer Maintenance (November 2019)

Be a Show Off: Using Digital Commons To Showcase Awesome Stuff in Your Department (October 2018)

Bear Tracks (February 2020)

Best Practices for Designing your Canvas Courses (1-6-21)

Best Practices for Finals (5-1-20)

Canvas Assignments and Assessments (March 18, 2020)

Canvas Basics (March 17, 2020)

Canvas Chat and Teams Integration in Canvas (March 20, 2020)

Canvas Course Jumpstart (January 2020)

Canvas Course Jumpstart (June 2019)

Canvas Design and Accessibility Tips (August 2017)

Canvas Facilitating Group Work (March 18, 2020)

Canvas Quizzes (March 27, 2020)

Canvas Quiz Extensions (4-7-20)

Canvas webinars (August 2015)

Class Notebook (January 2017)

Communicating and Meeting in Canvas (March 17, 2020)

College Communications Survey Results (7-8-2021)

Copyright and Fair Use (April 2019)

Creating and Managing Your Sign Ups (February 2020)

Cybersecurity (5-8-20)

“Designing an Online or Blended Course” Workshop Series

Digital Tools for Student Engagement and Reflection (3-19-20)

EdPuzzle Integration in Canvas (7-4-20)

Effective Planning Lab (June 2019)

Effective Planning Lunch and Learn (June 2019)

Engaging Students Online (10-9-20)

Evaluating Resources (August 2020)

Excel Tips and Tricks (March 2019)

“Excel”erate your Summer (June 2019)

“Excel”ing at Your Job (November 2018)

File Collaboration in OneDrive (4-8-20)

File Collaboration in Teams (4-8-20)

Finding Books and Articles (August 2020)

Finding Primary Resources (August 2020)

Finding Resources on the Web (August 2020)

Fleeger’s Fun Guide to Making Video Lectures (4-10-20)

FlipGrid Integration in Canvas (7-4-20)

Flow (January 2017)

Free GoToMeeting Training (Live Training, On-demand or Self-paced Learning Modules)

Getting the Most out of teams with Microsoft Teams (8-14-20)

Hosting & Streaming Virtual Events (3-26-21)

How to Avoid Data Loss and Keep Your Data Safe (July 2018)

How to Teach Face-to-Face and Remote Students Simultaneously using Microsoft Teams (7-2-20)

How to Teach Face-to-Face and Remote Students Simultaneously using Zoom (7-2-20)

Hypothesis Integration in Canvas (7-4-20)

Inclusive Design (September 2019)

Infographic Tutorial (8-5-20)

Information Literacy (February 2019)

Introduction to OneSearch (library catalog) (August 2020)

Leveraging Your Phone and Tablet for Work (December 2018)

LIT Lunch and Learn: Teaching, Learning & Working Remotely (3-13-20)

LIT Lunch and Learns Fall Kick-Off (August 2018)

LIT Lunch and Learns Summer Kick-Off (June 2018)

Microsoft Tips and Tricks (March 2019) 

Microsoft Teams - Creating a Team (March 16, 2020)

MISO Survey 2020 Recap (4-23-2021)

Multi-Factor Authentication and VPN (December 2018)

Netiquette: Tips for Effective Email Communication (November 2019)

New Canvas Features (January 2020)

Office 365 Groups (January 2017)

OneDrive (January 2020)

OneDrive (January 2017)

Online Assessment (10-23-20)

OneNote: For Your Students and You (2-12-21)

OneNote (desktop version) (January 2017)

OneNote (web version) (January 2017)

Outlook and Email Mail Merge (January 2020)

Open Access (October 2019)

Panopto Basics (8-10-20)

Panopto Faculty Training (8-17-20)

Personalizing your Ursinus Web Profile and Experience (4-20-20)

Perusall Integration in Canvas (7-4-20)

Phone System Upgrades: Mitel Connect (October 2019)

Picture Editing (March 2019)

Planner (January 2017)

Planning Your Next Campus Event (2-26-2021)

PowerPoint recording (4-6-20)

Powtoon Tutorial (8-5-20)

Pre-Recording Lectures and Tutorials (3-19-20)

Qualtrics (August 2019)

The Research Process (August 2020)

Safeguarding Your Information (September 2018)

Scheduling and Marketing Your Events and Programs (September 2019)

Sharing Content in Canvas (12-4-20)

Shotcut/Video Editing (7-22-20)

Spruce Up Your PowerPoints! (August 2017)

Social Science Research in the Time of COVID-19 (4-24-20)

Staff Notebook (January 2017)

Stream (Microsoft’s tutorial)

Streaming Video in the Library (September 2019)

Sway (January 2017)

Sway: An Alternative to PowerPoint (January 2020)

Synchronous Teaching Workshop (1-7-21)

Taking Canvas to the Next Level (January 2018)

Teaching and Learning in a Masked Environment: Conversation with Chinese U of Hong Kong Faculty and Students (7-13-20)

Teaching and Learning Trends in Higher Education (April 2019) 

Team Dynamix basic training (4-9-2021)

Teams (January 2020)

Working with Your Advisees in Canvas (4-3-20)

Workshop: Work Remotely with Teams (March 18, 2020)

Tech Showcase (January 2019)

Understanding Your Impact on the College’s Website (11-6-20)

Ungrading (10-1-20)

Universal Design (April 2019) 

Unleashing Student Creativity through Digital Projects (June 2020)

Using Electronic Library Resources for Instruction (August 2020)

Using Online Whiteboards and External Pen Tablets (8-10-20)

Using the Zoom and Panopto Integrations in Canvas (8-12-20)

Video Editing Workshop (April 2019)

Video Editing Workshop (11-10-20)

What is Office 365? (August 2018)

What You Should Do Before Accepting or Sending that Meeting Request (October 2018)

What’s New in LIT? (August 2019)

What’s New in LIT? (January 2020)

What’s New in LIT? (9-11-20)

What’s New in LIT? (1-15-21)

Which Instructional Technology Tools Should I Use? (8-4-20)

Yammer (January 2017)

Zoom Canvas Integration (7-7-20)

Zoom Training Session (8-13-20)