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Prevention and Advocacy

We envision a community of students, faculty and staff who make thoughtful and responsible decisions in regard to their overall wellness leading to low rates of negative consequences from alcohol, drugs, and interpersonal violence.

The Office of Prevention and Advocacy provides health and wellness promotion, alcohol and drug education, and sexual misconduct prevention programs. These outreach efforts empower students to become independent, responsible, and thoughtful leaders. The Office engages with all community members to develop moral courage, social responsibility, and healthy decision-making to create a respectful and safe living-learning environment.

For Faculty/Staff & Coaches

EverFi Wellness Course

All incoming students (freshmen and transfers) are required to complete EverFi Wellness Course. This course has 5 modules, each of which will be emailed directly to students on their Ursinus email account, throughout the summer and all 5 modules are DUE AUGUST 20, 2021.

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Mental Health and COVID-19
  • AlcoholEDU 
  • Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention
  • Sexual Assault Prevention 

All upperclassmen students are required to complete ongoing EverFi modules. The upperclassmen course for Fall 2021 has 3 modules, each of which are emailed directly to the students in September and will be due in late October.

  • Sexual Assault Prevention (Either Healthy Relationships or Sexual Assault Prevention for Student Athletes depending on athletic status) 
  • Diversity, Equity, and Belonging 
  • AlcoholEDU Ongoing

Questions? Reach out to Katie Bean, or call 610-409-3562. If tech issues with the course, reach out to EverFi tech support 24/6 at

Seal of Prevention says Partner 2020
This is the particiation seal for the American College Health Association's National College ...
This Seal of Prevention ties prevention to retention. Campuses who have this seal have a 10% higher retention rate vs non-Seal campuses! (EverFi, Inc, 2021)


Wismer 117B (2nd floor)
Katie Bean

Director, Prevention & Advocacy