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Prevention and Advocacy

We envision a community of students, faculty and staff who make thoughtful and responsible decisions in regard to their overall wellness leading to low rates of negative consequences from alcohol, drugs, and interpersonal violence.

The Office of Prevention and Advocacy provides health and wellness promotion, alcohol and drug education, and sexual misconduct prevention programs. These outreach efforts empower students to become independent, responsible, and thoughtful leaders. The Office engages with all community members to develop moral courage, social responsibility, and healthy decision-making to create a respectful and safe living-learning environment.

For Faculty/Staff & Coaches

EverFi Wellness Course

All incoming students (freshmen and transfers) are required to complete EverFi Wellness Course. This course has 4 modules, each of which will be emailed directly to students on their Ursinus email account, throughout the summer:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion module 
  • Alcohol module
  • Prescription and Other Drugs module 
  • Sexual Assault Prevention module 
  • *A follow-up called Mental Health and CoVid module will be sent and is optional for first years.

All upperclassmen students are required to complete ongoing EverFi modules. The upperclassmen course has 2 modules, each of which are emailed directly to the students.

  • Mental Health and CoVid
  • Sexual Assault Prevention (Either Healthy Relationships or Student Athletes depending on athletic status) 
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will be sent in the spring semester and is required for all upper-classmen 

Questions? Reach out to Katie Bean, or call 610-409-3562. If tech issues with the course, reach out to EverFi tech support 24/6 at

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Services for Students:

  • Campus-wide awareness events in collaboration with other departments and student groups
  • Individual brief assessments for alcohol and other drugs and health coaching around wellness topics including mental, physical, spiritual, and social health. To make an appointment, email 
  • Resources and referrals to on and off-campus supports including support for students in recovery
  • Personalized group training sessions for student organizations including bystander intervention education
  • Group educational classes and training sessions focused on low to no-risk choices around alcohol and other drugs

Services for Faculty:

  • Don’t Cancel That Class program providing guest speakers on wellness topics personalized to fit your syllabus.  To request a guest speaker, email 
  • Classroom support and resources for how to improve student’s academic success

Services for Coaches:

  • Personalized training sessions connecting leadership among the team to leadership in a social setting including recognizing high risk behaviors such as hazing, substance use disorder, sexual misconduct, and impact of wellness, alcohol and drugs on performance including time-management, self-care, etc. To request a training, email 
  • Private consultations regarding student-athlete concerns.  To consult with the Director, email Katie Bean at 

Click here to view the 2018-2020 Biennial Review of the Ursinus Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program

Wismer 117B (2nd floor)
Katie Bean

Director, Prevention & Advocacy