Office of the Chaplain

Responsible for fostering and nurturing spiritual growth and wholeness during your years of living and learning at Ursinus College.

The office seeks to provide support for individuals and groups engaged in religious activities related to specific faith traditions and those exploring personal spiritual development. This includes ecumenical and interfaith activities, programs, and workshops related to the understanding and appreciation of a variety of cultures and beliefs, the examination of personal values, and the pursuit of justice and contribution to the common good.

Weekly Chapel Services

The Ursinus Chapel community gathers weekly for worship and fellowship on Sundays at 6:30 pm in Bomberger Meditation Chapel. The Chapel community is united by mutual respect for the religious insights of one other in an attitude of openness before God with the goal of reflecting the beloved community where we attempt to create room for all, justice for all, joy for all, and peace for all.

Spiritual Direction

The chaplain is available for one-on-one appointments or group spiritual direction sessions for those students, faculty, and staff who wish to explore the questions of faith and spirituality, and how it shapes and helps us to make meaning of our lives.

Interfaith Gatherings

Twice a semester that Chapel programs facilitate interfaith gatherings featuring religious leaders from various faith traditions to promote peace and mutual understanding through shared worship and discussion.

Chapel Leadership Team 2021-22

  • Serena Rose Gaskin ’23 
  • Brandon Winfield ’22 
  • Simbarashe Kanjanda ’22 
  • Jennifer Berrios ’22 
  • Maia Peele ’23
Reverend Terri Ofori

Chaplain and Director of Religious and Spiritual Life
(610) 409-3273