CoSA Schedule 2022

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

5:00 p.m.

Olin Aud

Liam Worcheck Music and Philosophy Living Music: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Screen

Thursday, April 21, 2022

9-9:50 a.m.

Commons Student Interactive Space

Academic Affairs Faculty Chat with Mark Schneider about the New Inclusivity Project

Olin Auditorium

Michael Alberto

Jonathan Berman

Vincent Carosella

Natalia Cope

Katie Cressman

Isabel Dalesandro

Eric Greenwald

Jessica Gutekunst

Layla Halterman

Kyra McEntee

Ryan Odgers

Alexandra Panetta

John Ruane

Jesse Silver

Matthew Sy

Gerald Bardol

Tara Bonitz

Abigail Coachi

Alyssa-Mackenzie DeLorme

Karley Despirito

Deborah Diaz

Nicholas Diaz

Carlie Esposito

Tyler Falco

Diane Imboden

Rebecca Lam

Matthew Lamb

Michael Landis

Alyssa Martin

Kyle Merlo

Cameron Rafalko

Emma Reuter

Lindsey Thornton

Mekha Varghese

Elisabeth Winter

Theodora Zeibekis
Biology / MCS Drugs & the Media: Public Service Announcement on the Pros or Cons of Marijuana Legalization

10-10:50 a.m.

Olin Plaza

SPECIAL EVENT Ursinus College Dog Therapy!

Indoor Track

Amanda Marley

Nikole Fandino-Pachon

Theodora Zeibekis

Hayley Kane
Biology Developing a Yeast Model System to Study the Human Orthologs of the Ribosome-Associated Complex
Zofia Balcerek

Emily Crocker
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology The Role of Radial Glial Cells in Spinal Cord Regeneration in Ambystoma mexicanum
Cassandra Burke Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Fluorescently Visualizing the Interaction Between Ciprofloxacin and PEG Modified Carbon Nanotube Inside of an Escherichia Coli Cell
Kristy Hryniszak

Brooke Adams
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology The Effect of the lz6 Suppressor Mutation in Caenorhabditis elegans Puromycin-Sensitive Aminopeptidase pam-1 Mutants
Paige Bristow Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Using “Click Chemistry” to Assemble DNA-Conjugated Dendrimersomes
Diana Cando

Zara Tabackin
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Investigating the effect of the wee-1.3 and pam-1 mutations on meiosis in C.elegans
Kyle Merlo

Raechel Arnold

Joshua Belder

Tyler Chin

Darby Rogers

Sarah Symes
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Characterization of Plasmid DNA Found in Ciprofloxacin Resistant Coliforms (CRCs)
Cara Freedman Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Determining Compounds in Rye and Red Fife Sourdough Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) Analysis
Ian Abrahams Biology Pea aphid fitness costs when carrying a facultative endosymbiotic microbe: a fair-weather friend?
Mekha Varghese

Zach Gorman

Dylan Thorne

Seongchan Kim

Gabrielle McGinn
BCMB In silico and in vitro analysis of structure and function of Protein Hydrolase 4DIU
RJ Lamoreux

Simba Kanjanda

Lindsey Thornton

Winsome Neville

Amber Kim
BCMB Determining the Mysterious Function of Unknown Protein 3H04
Christine Heren

Emma Reuter

Colin McCarty

Sean Daly

Caitlin Wrinn

Alannah Miller

Kaylin Chen

Lauren Gherman

Iqra Imran
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Leak Rates in 15-mL and 50-mL Conical Tube Brands
Rishabh Kancherla

Sam Zubler
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Extraction of Cutin and Examination of Possible Breakdown to Monomer Units by Thermophilic Compost Cultures
Austin Mickles Environmental Studies Correlation Between Agriculture Area and Fire Area in Napa California
Enrique Garcia Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Synthesizing Oligonucleotide-Lipid Sequences to Generate Micelles for Further Drug Delivery Applications
Aaliyah Russell

Jean Setenet

Matt Seeburger
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Phs affects on sodium ions through carbon nanotubes
Annalise Koup

Sarah Bell
Biology PAM-1 is Required for Mitosis Timing and Centrosome Characterization in C. elegans Embryos
Quaran Davis Biology Life of a Unit of Secretary
Rosella Cuomo

Gabriel Jimenez

Aly Bilyk
Biology The Behavioral Differences Between Red-Backed Salamanders When Exposed to Different Temperatures
Jacqueline Ansah Biology The Effect of Lumbar puncture diagnose on Bacteria Meningitis
Kathryn Hunt

Samantha Beckman

Nicholas Galbraith
Biology Isolating thermophilic bacteria that may degrade polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic
Paige D’Elia

Evan Yanagawa
Chemistry Amination of Hydroxyfluorophores Using a Smiles Rearrangement Strategy
Samantha Knepper

Jan Perez Bonilla

Cael Milbourne

Laurel Stuempfle

Rachel Herman
Chemistry Development of Nanotube Attached Ciprofloxacin Bandages
Eric Sugarman

Candace Hudson

Claire Worley
Chemistry Progress in the Development of Ciproflaxin Attached Nanotubes
Patrick Gray

Grace DeConstanza
Chemistry Targeting Histone Methyltransferases: Design and Synthesis of Small Molecule PRMT1 Inhibitors
Holly Chambers Health and Exercise Physiology Vestibular Rehabilitation: The Impact of Physical Therapy and How Targeted Exercises Can Reduce Symptoms and Potential Injury
Mya Knappenberger Neuroscience Differences in Female Mouse Strains When Fed a Western Diet
Erica Locke Health and Exercise Physiology The Ketogenic Diet Impairs Mitochondrial Function in Hearts of Male and Female Mice
Alyssa DeLorme Health and Exercise Physiology Changes in Body Composition and Strength during a Collegiate Gymnastics Season
Kaylin Knapsack Health and Exercise Physiology Effect of Estrous Cycle on Insulin Sensitivity
Jonny Gherman

Ali Wolfe

Abby Peabody
History Medieval Women Could Open the Door, Too
Ethan Harris

Sarah Haughton
History Identifying Jesus Christ: Examining the Heterogeneity of Christ in the Late Medieval Period
Connor Donovan Mathematics Towards the Homotopy Type of the Morse Complex
Justin Mitchell Museum Studies Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center
Kristen Cooney Museum Studies My Internship with Valley Forge Park Alliance: What Does It Take to Support a National Park?
Ian Conroy

Millard Heinze

Marie Sykes
Physics IR and UV-Vis Transmission of Glass-Ceramic Materials
Liam Powers

Annabella Orsini

Brandon Smith
Physics Thermal Analysis and Temperature Related Properties of Oxide Glass Materials
Raymond Saunders

David Vasquez

Brian Riendeau
Physics Angular Dependence of Cosmic Ray Muons
Sarah Marchione

Brian Barker

Dylan Simms
Physics Assessment of Effective Teaching Styles on Undergraduate Physics Students

Bears’ Den

Brian Barker

Sarak Capen

Miles Noecker

Mackenzie Owens

Grace Wurzer

Julian Nevin

Nick Francioso

Ashley Cromer

Dayna Milner

Carly Troilo

Jason Werrick

Ethan Yu
CIE CIE Letters to My First Year Self

Olin Auditorium

Elliot Cetinski

Lauren Nolen

Kate Foley

Caitlyn Vinsonhaler

Benjamin Little

Jake Hennegan

Gabriella Marrero

Kathy Logan

Dominic Minicozzi

Muhammed Harris

Ellis Schrynemakers

Ian Conroy

Spencer Toth

Sara Sullivan

Sadie Walker

Parker Howell

Annie Zulick

Bethany Baskerville

Terry Cruz

Anthony Hands

Alejandro de Cardenas

Dylan Crammer

Kaya Eller

Jeff Douglas

Liam Fagan

TJ Snyder

Matt Zarrilli

Matthew McMahon

Jason Kleintz

Joseph Nolan

Jake Norpel

Sophie Wahl Taylor

Claire Hynes

Destiny Young

Jess Schnur

Lauren Nolen
MCS The Monologues

Olin 101

Devin Nunemaker Media and Communication Studies The Modern-Day Legend of Hellier, Kentucky: Do you believe in goblins?
Kamilyah Nazih Media and Communication Studies Is There Shame In Dark Humor?
Ian Sanger Media and Communication Studies Unique Family Values compared between the Television shows Full House and Modern Family

Olin 102

Morgan Mason English English Major Internship: Meet KL Marketing
Kate Foley English English Major Internship: KI Book Club Reader
Jake Herbetko English English Major Internship: My Time at the Borgen Project
Chloe Harrison English English Major Internship: Planning an Event at The Loft

Olin 103

Michael Green Applied Economics Looking Past Affirmative Action
Jake Rowland Economics Economic analysis of the feasibility of a county run fire department in Montgomery County Pennsylvania

Olin 107

Team Nea Ope:

Justin Best

Tyree Williams

Keven Dewees

Giselle Esquivel

Mason Jolivette

Ean Chasinoff
Religious Studies The Revolution of Non-Violent Resistance
Team Nea Onim:

Julia Paiano

Maia Peele

Olivia Morrow

Thomas Pancheri

Brandon Winfield

Dayna Milner
Religious Studies Nea Onnim No Sua A Ohu: “One Who Does Not Know, Can Learn”

Olin 108

Justin Masiello Statistics Analytics of the Ursinus Men’s Basketball Team

11-11:50 a.m.

Olin Plaza

SPECIAL EVENT Ursinus College Dog Therapy!

Indoor Track

Samuel Krause Biology Effect of Nutrition on Ambystoma mexicanum Tail Regeneration
Nick Schnaars Biology Joint Replacements
Kayla Cayemitte

Julia Rakowsky

Gabriela Pendos

Hanna Snyder

Nicholas Galbraith
Biology The Combined Effects of Thermal Stress and Salinity on the species of coral, Astrangia poculata
Payton Stanziani Biology The Back-Breaking Treatment of a Radiculopathy
Nicholas Williams Biology An in-depth analysis of protein expression in C. elegans affected by pam-1 during early embryogenesis.
Logan Yoquinto Biology Skeletal Muscle Scar Tissue Formation
Zachary Gorman Biology Combating Hypoxic Tumor Micro-environments to Improve Immunotherapy in Cancer Treatment
Cameron Rafalko

Elizabeth McKenna

Marc Mayo

Abigail Comrie
BCMB PDB Protein 2QU Protein Found to Function as a Hydrolase Through In Silico and In Vitro Experimentation
Patrick Gray

Alex Goldsby

Christine Heren

Rishabh Kancherla

Olivia Kuklentz

Zara Tabackin
BCMB Suspected Hydrolytic Function of Protein 3DS8 Characterized Through in Silico and in Vitro Analysis
Avraham Goldschmidt

Amber Kim
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Due Ferri Single Chain Proteins: Production, Purification, and DNA Cleavage
Erica Kitterman

Seongchan Kim

Mark Yilanjian

Mattew Janik
Biology Investigating the Roles of NAC and RAC in Suppressing Prion Formation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Lyna Amari

Ilyssa Marsh
Biology Genetics interactions between pam-1 and MPF during oocyte maturation in C. elegans
Samantha Holden

Jessica Krieble
Biology Litter and Crop Legacy Effect on Microbial Diversity
Kirsten Cline

Jill Verelle
Biology Moesin Localizes Around Base and Cortex of Blebs in PAM-1 Mutants
Jordan Ulsh Biology Investigating a Neuron Specific Protein in Axolotls
Alexandria Fowler

Dylan Ford
Biology Analysis of Labile Carbon Pools in Soil Using POX-C
Mekha Varghese

Abigail Duimering
Biology Quantifying Cofilin, P-Cofilin, LIMK, and SSH Expression by Neuroinflammatory Mediators in Microglia via Western Blotting
Annabel Baldy

Natalie Jump

Gabbi Pitt
Environmental Studies A Waste-less Wismer: Saving Perfectly Good Food From its Fate at the Landfill
Jessica Lamarca

Environmental Studies Variations in Sediment Grain Size and Magnetic Fabric as Indicators of Current Velocity within Individual Turbidite Deposits
Kayla Gillespie Media and Communication Studies Internship with QVC
Rosalia Murphy Media and Communication Studies MCS Internship Poster Presentation
Ava Compagnoni Media and Communication Studies Behind the Screen: Marketing Internship
Eric Bauer Media and Communication Studies Marketing Internship at Citadel Credit Union
Brooke Hurley Media and Communication Studies Digital Marketing Through Storytelling
Bradley Duncan-Taylor Media and Communication Studies Media Criticism
Rob Burns Media and Communication Studies Internship Presentation
Colleen Bagnell

Annielle Freed
Media and Communication Studies Digital Media in Sports 
Chris Moreno Media and Communication Studies Media Intern for Alianzas
Miranda Staley Politics Difficulties obtaining medical insurance and care in the US

Olin Auditorium

Jason Cayetano

Ayoub Cherradi

Sarah Haughton

Michael Kates
Bears Make History Bears through the Digital Age: Ursinus Students and the Birth of the Internet
Robert Johnson

Thomas Katzenmoyer

Jonas Ling

Harry Riley
Bears Make History Conscripting the Bears?: A View on Historical Perceptions of the Draft at Ursinus College
Jordan Casseus

Ethan harris

Justin Mitchell

Jack Psenicska

Alexander Wineburg
Bears Make History For Home and Country: Ursinus at War
Jacqueline Ansah

Devin Nunemaker

Ian Sanger

Quinn Watson
Bears Make History On Lenape Land: The Relationship between the Lenape People and Ursinus College
Chloe Harrison

Samantha Kiessling

Olimpia Sansone

Phoebe Thompkins
Bears Make History Why (Not) Ursinus?: The Evolution of Ursinus College Admissions Marketing

Olin 102

Julia Arnowitz Psychology Nameless and Shameless: Understanding the Casual Toxic Gamer
Theodora Zeibekis Sociology Exploring Solutions to Amazon’s Inhumane Push Towards Global Income Inequality
Dominic Nottoli Applied Economics Increasing the entrepreneur mind

Olin 103

Steven Rose

Jonathan Klee

Jake Ojert

Marco Grenda

Joshua Odebode
Health and Exercise Physiology Sex Differences In The Force-Velocity Curve During Back Squat

Olin 108

Sarah Buck

and the Student Actor Troupe
Theater Pigeonholed: Autistic Representation in Drama

Olin 201

Liam Powers

Brian Barker

Annalyse Dickinson

Tyler Ways
Physics Towards a Complete Method for Counting and Characterizing Lunar Craters

Pfahler Aud

Jeff Cocci Schellhase Ethics Contest Winners Persistence in the North Pacific: the Makah people and their fight to protect their cultural heritage
Trey Dykeman Schellhase Ethics Contest Winners Unlovable Labour: Rejecting the Do What You Love Ideology
Michael Adelson Schellhase Ethics Contest Winners Uneasy Is the Head that Imagines the Burden

Thomas 324

Math Math Presentations, Inductions, and Awards

12-12:50 p.m.

Bears’ Den

SPECIAL EVENT Inclusive Community Grant Winners Building an Inclusive Community

Thomas 324

Math Math Presentations, Inductions, and Awards (continued)

1-1:50 p.m.

Indoor Track

Maia Peele Anthropology and Sociology Museums as Sites of Racialization
Zach Quinn Applied Economics Determining the Most Influential Indicators of Soccer Players’ Valuation on the International Transfer Market
Taylor Beaumont Applied Economics Why Do People Do Bad Things?  An Econometric Study of the Variables Affecting Crime Rates in the US
Jessica Gutekunst Applied Economics Does Being Friends with Mary Jane Lead to Depressive Symptomology?
Brooks Buck Applied Economics An Analysis of Premier League Clubs to find the Most Impactful Player Statistic
Kevin Devlin Applied Economics Can a More Rigorous Domestic League Play Lead to European Success?
Katherine Baker Applied Economics The New Quarterback: The Efficiency of Leaving the Pocket
Matthew Bevan Applied Economics An Analysis of NFL Running Back Salaries
Zachary Crebbin Applied Economics Predicting Performance in Track and Field
Robert Johnson Applied Economics The Impact of COVID-19 on Wages: A Phillip’s Curve Analysis
Ryan Odgers Applied Economics MLB Pitchers Salary Determinants
John Byrne Applied Economics The Real Truth of Transfers: The Effects of Government Transfers on Inflation and Wealth
Brett Weir Applied Economics Billions Sent Abroad: A Critical Assessment on the Efficacy of Foreign Aid
Colin Holtzman Applied Economics Charitable Foreign Aid: How It Hurts the People It Means to Help
Matt Snyder

Applied Economics Examining the Impact of the Launch of the First Online Streaming Service
Brett Johnson

Applied Economics The Impacts of COVID-19 on Wages: A Phillips Curve Analysis
Kyle Schaffer

Applied Economics Do Blows to the Head Lead KO out of a Career?
Damen Carty

Applied Economics Teleflex Internship
Tommy Reinhart

Applied Economics Hill Creek Partners Internship
Alexis Carr

Applied Economics USLI Internship
Aiden Klassen

Applied Economics Birch Run Financial Internship
Matthew Sy

U-Imagine Center Anchor Point
Manning Smith

U-Imagine Center Student Business Showcase
Seongchan Kim U-Imagine Center Project: Green Plane
Erin Drebushenko U-Imagine Center Digital Spark 2021: Body Rebuilders Physical Therapy
Michael Magargee U-Imagine Center Bald Birds Brewing Co. Findings
Devin Molina U-Imagine Center Digital Sparks Gypsy Blu
Erin Corcoran U-Imagine Center Digital Spark: Central Park Farm
Kaitlyn McGinley U-Imagine Center Integrate for Good
Joseph Shapiro U-Imagine Center From Sparks to Skyscrapers
Jake Amendola-Reichard U-Imagine Center The Coastal Factory
Bradley E Duncan-Taylor U-Imagine Center Digital Spark
Marcos Maciel U-Imagine Center Digital Spark - Spinal Care Chiropractic
Meredith Zimmer U-Imagine Center Digital Spark Presentation
Arthur Artene U-Imagine Center Digital Spark: Austin’s Beverage
Mikki Pomatto U-Imagine Center U-Imagine Center Awareness

Thomas 324

Math Math Presentations, Inductions, and Awards (continued)

Bomberger 129

Finance Scholars CFA Ethics Challenge

Olin 101

Aaron Diamond Media and Communication Studies Social Media Marketing & Its Influence On The Real Estate Marketing
Christian Maienshein Media and Communication Studies Capstone Presentation
Cole Gannon Media and Communication Studies Patagonia: The Green Champion

Olin 102

Elizabeth Elliott History The Economics of Disability: How Perceived Economic Role Affected Ones Disability Status in Early Republic America
Katie Sanfield History Sexual Violence in the Medieval Era: Utilizing both Recreational and Judicial Literature to Understand our Past and Present
Jacob Ross History The Construction of the Sodomite: The Influence of Institutional Attitudes in the Marginalization of Sexual Deviancy
David Rocha History Migrants, Citizens and Subjects: A Study of How People Moved and Became Citizens in the Roman Empire

Olin 103

Tyree Williams-Jackson Neuroscience Lack of Minority Educators and its effect on minority children
Bethlehem Endeshaw

Gwendylan Gagne
Japanese Japanese and American Mental Health

Olin 104

International Candy! Around the World in a Sugar Rush! Come sample candy from around the world! Thwart the globe’s well-meaning dentists!

Olin 108

Benjamin Antill Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Characterizing Plasmids of Ciprofloxacin Resistant Transconjugants (CRTs)
Austin Mickles Biology Carbon Cycling in Forage Crop Soils
Alyssa St. Jean Chemistry Design of a fluorogenic probe for the detection of chlorite ion

Olin 201

Amanda Weber English Warrior of Light…and Warrior of Medievalism? Medievalism as Portrayed in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Kaia Berrio

Jess Celli

Hailey Clark

Tommy Cole

Josh Grice

Evan Stinson

Anthony Esposito

Keegan McGowan

Keir Smith

Kasai Lamartiniere

Michael Davis
Creative Writing Persona Poetry Presentation

Olin 301

Samantha Knepper Spanish Las Mujeres, La Salud Reproductiva, y La Salud Mental O Dios Mios
Andrea Cando Spanish Factores que afectan las tasas  de exámenes de papanicolaou en mujeres latinoamericanas en Estados Unidos y Latinoamérica (Factors that influence pap smear rates in women in the US and Latin America)
Ixchel Mendez Spanish Efectos de COVID-19 en la comunidad Latina en La Cuidad de Nueva York (Effects of Covid-19 on the Latino Population in New York City)

KAL 142

Gabriella Marrero

Miles Noecker

Siobhan Kalfur

Annie Zulick

Joey Nolan

Spencer Toth
Theater A Sign of The Times

2-2:50 p.m.

Indoor Track

Cassandra Burke

Cara Freedman

Kristy Hryniszak

Amanda Marley

Samantha Zubler
BCMB Determining Unknown Function of Protein 3B7F Using Known Structural Information
Austin Mickles

Sarah Symes

Julia Pierson

Jesse Wun

and Avraham Goldschmidt
BCMB Is it a GDSL? Exploring the Unknown Function of Protein 2O14
Zachary Gorman Chemistry Food Analysis: HPLC and GC/MS Characterization of Green Tea Kombucha
Jonathan Gherman History Native American Education
Michael Adelson History Language and Activism: Foundations of Sovereignty
Zach Newman History Native American Voting Rights Throughout U.S. History
Alex Wineburg History Native Activism: Then and Now
Samantha Kiessling History On the Air! Native American Activism and Media
Justin Mitchell History Environmental Activism in Native Communities
Sarah Haughton History Fight for the Right to Learn: Native American Activism Against the American Education System in Minnesota
Ethan Harris History Native American Cultural Preservation through Music
Liam Reilly History Red in the Rainbow: How Queerness Shapes Indigenous Activist Art
Katie Sanfield History Feminism in the American Indian Movement through Modern Day
Alexander Klemmer History Marks on the Body
Kevin Devlin

Applied Economics Posters SAP Internship
Matthew Bevan

Brandon Derby

Dominic Minicozzi

Ryan DiVergilis

Casey Murphy
Film Studies and Physics Holy Meg
John Byrne

Brooke Hurley

Dahlia Dunst

Josh Walker

Brian Barker
Film Studies and Physics Solving the Realism Problem in Gravity
Zachary Devita-Paulson

Benjamin Goetz

Ashley Webster

Mike McCuen
Film Studies and Physics Interstellar: Slingshot into the Fifth Dimension
Michael Green

Alexis Miller

Emma Fox

Lauren Cipollone
Film Studies and Physics I Am Speed, But How Long Can I Stay on the Track?
Samuel Gregory

Carley Henning

Brandon Smith

Mackenzie Spaeth
Film Studies and Physics Foretelling Physics in Final Destination
Kylie Halko

Chase Rondeu

Tyler Reilly

Dan Maloney
Film Studies and Physics The Physics and Film Analysis of Kinetic Energy in Black Panther
Jeff McAbee

Quinn Watson

Emily Nammavong

Dylan Melby
Film Studies and Physics Abduction: Explosive Family Matters
Elizabeth McKenna

Jenn Psenicska

Emily Britland

Matt Alfrey
Film Studies and Physics Can Batman Really Fly?
Delanie Rogers

Robert Snyder

Zavier Wedderburn

Aaron Gomberg
Film Studies and Physics Jaws: The Explosion of a Lifetime
Kyle Schaffer

Terrance Tillman

Sam Grubb

Holly Chambers
Film Studies and Physics Sully: The Relationship between Physics and Film Depicting a Famous Plane Crash
Matthew Seeburger

Emma Wood

Ivy Foster

Blanca Andrade
Film Studies and Physics Sound and the Reality of Time in Looper
Matt Snyder

Ryan Carkhuff

Max Valeriano

Alex Giampino
Film Studies and Physics Spiderman or “Superman”?
Melanie DeRosa

Kyle Schantz
Neuroscience Investigating Protein Interactions Important for Synapse Formation in the Developing Nervous System
Stephen Wilkins

Nicole Smith

Jack Ginley
Neuroscience The Effects of Frontal Lobe Stimulation on Attention
Giselle Esquivel

Michele Bowen

Bailey Banak
Neuroscience Facts of transcranial direct stimulation and time of day on executive brain function
Jacqueline Ansah

Setenet Gueladon

Alex Koenig
Neuroscience Effects of music and tDCS on frontal lobe function
Carly Rodriguez

Michael Landis
Neuroscience Time-course analysis of HIV-1 Tat protein exposure on microglial phagocytic activity
Marie Sykes Physics Bioactive Glass Beads
Jessica Leach Psychology Developmental, Personality, and Family Influences on Risk-Taking during Young Adulthood
Sarah Capen

Sophie Louis

Abigail Danzig

Olimpia Sansone
Psychology Self-Efficacy & Perception of Mental Well-Being
Carolyn DeCicco

Sarah Capen-Becerra

Sophie Louis
Psychology Shifting Weight Attitudes? A Look at Stigma and Implicit Bias
Brenna Snively

Morgan Laster

Sevag Yepoyan

Esther Akande
Psychology “Grief in Schools: How educators Support Grieving Students”
Natalie Rubinkam

Alyssa Martin
Psychology Tipped Scales and Unmet Expectations: How Dissatisfactory Self-Expansion and Asymmetrical Self Concept-Changes Impact Relationship Quality

Berman Main Gallery

Kelsey Gavin Art and Art History There Is Sometimes A Buggy
Jenni Berrios Art and Art History The responsibility of being me

Olin 101

Justin Masiello Media and Communication Studies 76ers Use of Subculture in Merchandise Sales
Robert Burns Media and Communication Studies Final presentation
Devin Nunemaker Media and Communication Studies Diaries of an Uncanny Mind
Annie Stockmal Media and Communication Studies An Interview-Based Study of the Coming Out Experiences of College-Aged Bisexual and Pansexuals
Zainab Williams Media and Communication Studies Indigenous Methodologies in Media

Olin 102

Victoria Bearden

Gerald Bardol

Nathan Berger

Diana Burk

Jeffrey Cochi

Kristen Cooney

Joshua Coster

Megan Depaul

Isabella Dolan

Lexi Fowler

Nicholas Galbraith

Reese Goodlin

Elizabeth Harris

Tim Holzapfel

Natalie Jump

Melissa Martinez

Alicia Mettinger

Austin Mickles

Jake Nowacki

Nia Paton

Jennifer Ronzoni

Brandon Slaboda

Hannah Traub
Environmental Studies An Exploration of the Ursinus Food Forest

Olin 103

Jake Herbetko

Sam Mamber

Nicholas Tamburino

Ava Compagnoni
Creative Writing ENCW-420-A Senior Portfolio

Olin 104

International Candy! Around the World in a Sugar Rush! Come sample candy from around the world! Thwart the globe’s well-meaning dentists!

Olin 108

Seraiah Kutai Computer Science Smokestack

KAL Lenfest Stage

Raeann Risko

Chelsea Stitt

Elizabeth Kandler

Kalina Witkowska
Theater and Dance Beyond the Binary: Exploring the Boundaries of the Body and Dance
Elizabeth Kandler

Alicia Mettinger

Molly Sherman

Chelsea Stitt

Raeann Risko

Kalina Witkowska
Theater and Dance We Care and Changing Pedagogical Practice in College Jazz Dance Programs

3 p.m.

Bears’ Den

Emily Benning

Ashley Cromer

Evan Dietrich
Education Curriculum and Teaching
Connor Donovan

Emily Michaels

Savannah Willard
Education STEM Opportunities
Mallory Alfieri

Kyra Handel

Drishti Khandelwal
Education The Role of Guidance Counseling and Social Work in Schools
Ryan Hughes

Alice Poindexter

Kaitlynn Willis
Education Special and Inclusive Education
Sarah Haughton

Oliviah Rachael

Matthew Snyder
Education Policy Issues

Bomberger 129

Emelyn Rodriguez Politics and IR Honors Thesis Defense
Abby Peabody Politics and IR Honors Thesis Defense
Joshua Grahame Politics and IR Honors Thesis Defense

IDC 114

Physics Students Physics Physics Awards and Inductions

Olin 102

Andrew Moore Anthropology and Sociology A Bear View of Campus: Using Phenomenology and Self-Ethnography to Explore how Place Interacts with the Student Experience and Memory.

Olin 103

Elisa Rodriguez French La construction littéraire du genre dans les romans féminins d’expression française au XIXe siècle: George Sand et Rachilde

Olin 201

Amanda Weber East Asian Studies Press Any Button to Get Started: Approaching Japanese Culture and Society Through Video Games

Pfahler Aud

Biology Students Biology Biology Honors Presentations

KAL Blackbox Theater

Emily Bradigan

Kate Foley

Naomi Marin

Gabriella Marrero

Abbie Painter

Jacob Ryan

Zara Tabackin

Leigh Willis

Ali Wolf
Theater and Dance The Living Newspaper Performance: In Too Deep: Staying Afloat While We Rock the Boat

4-5 p.m.

Bomberger Auditorium

Jennifer Berrios

Grace Brittingham

Ashly Chavez

Gabriel Jimenez

Christopher Moreno

Abby Peabody

Joshua Walker

Brandon Winfield

Zainab Williams
Bonner Program Bonner Senior Presentations

4:30-5:30 p.m.

IDC 210

Kristen Cooney Environmental Studies Urban Forests and their Potential to Combat Food Insecurity: Analyzing the Potential of Edible Street Trees in New York City
Victoria Bearden Environmental Studies Urban Forests and their Potential to Combat Food Insecurity: Analyzing Street Trees in Baltimore, MD for their Edibility

4-7 p.m.

Berman Museum

Student Art Exhibition Berman Museum Opening Reception - 2022 Annual Student Exhibition

7:30-9:30 p.m.

Lenfest Theater

UCDC Theater and Dance UCDC Spring Dance Concert

IDC 114/116

UCIMCO UCIMCO Portfolio Presentations