Welcome families from the class of 2023! May 30-31 marks spring orientation on campus. DetailsWelcome families from the class of 2023! May 30-31 marks spring orientation on campus. Details

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some frequently asked questions about the position and what it requires. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Residence Life.

Who is eligible to apply?

All full-time students in good academic and disciplinary standing are welcome to apply. 

What type of person makes a strong candidate?

Students who participate in Varsity or club Athletics, Greek Life, and student government, as well as all academic interests are encouraged to apply.  We seek applicants from a variety of backgrounds who value communication, respect, initiative, teamwork, and service.  Our goal is for the RA staff to include students with diverse interests and perspectives representative of the larger Ursinus student body. 

What are the steps to complete an application?

Prior to submitting an application, please attend one of the three advertised mixers to learn more about the position from current RAs and professional staff.  Attendance at a mixer is a prerequisite for submitting an application.  Please note that applications must include a current resume.  Candidates also need a recommendation from a current faculty/staff member. Finally, all candidates will participate in both a group and individual interview process. 

Can I apply if I am also applying to study abroad?

Yes. Please indicate your intent to study abroad on the application.  If you are applying to Study Abroad in the Fall, please note that due to the tight timeline, we are not able to offer positions to candidates who apply to study abroad during the fall semester.  These candidates will be eligible for available positions in the Spring.   

How will I find out if I’m selected?

You will receive an email that outlines the hiring decision as well as your room and area assignment if you receive a position offer.  We ask candidates for information regarding preferences during individual interviews.  Ultimately, our team considers preferences as well as the needs of each area when making placement decisions.  

What happens if I’m not offered a placement?

We will share more about the number of available positions during mixers.  In general, we do not have position openings for all candidates.  We strongly encourage candidates to prepare for group and individual interviews and to utilize campus resources like Career and Post-Graduate Development Office and the Center for Writing and Speaking.  We also prioritize applications of based upon class year. 

If we are not able to offer you an immediate placement, we will keep your materials on file for one academic year. We may contact you as early as this March, over the summer, or as late as winter break if a position that matches your strengths becomes available. 

The Resident Advisor Position

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What time commitment does this position require?

There is no way to quantify the exact amount of time that the RA position requires.  There are, however, some times that will be a consistent commitment for all Resident Advisors.  RAs arrive on campus ten days early each August and three days early each January to participate in leadership training.  Throughout the academic year, RAs gather most Monday nights from 9PM to 11PM for additional training and discussions.  RAs serve as part of the Crisis Response Team; they are on duty in their areas about 4 nights each month. Less quantifiable is the amount of time each RA spends planning and executing hall programs, serving as a resource to residents, and contributing to the campus residential community. 

Can I leave campus on the weekends?

Yes!  RAs may go home and be off campus on the weekends. While it is important that RAs have a consistent presence in the halls and houses, they are not required to stay every single weekend.

Can I have another job if I’m a Resident Advisor?

RAs are permitted to have another job, but it may be beneficial to acclimate to the RA position first. It is crucial to ensure that academics and performance in the position will not be compromised due to other time commitments.


Compensation for the academic year is $4,500 and a single room in your assigned area. Payments are made in bi-weekly installments from the Business Office during the academic year.