Advising Process

You want to apply for a scholarship. We’ll show you how.

The first step in applying for fellowships and scholarships is to choose those that suit you the best. You can meet with us while looking at the award descriptions to determine which ones are the best fit given your experiences and plans for the future. 

Once you know what you’re applying for, either Assistant Dean of the College Dr. Kelly Sorensen or faculty advisers who have helped other Ursinus students win specific awards will guide you through the application process. That means helping you craft your best personal statement that shows the reader exactly who you are, gathering letters of recommendation and assembling any other necessary documents. Each scholarship has its own requirements and details, and we know how to take a unique approach to you and your application to make it as competitive as possible. 

To be as competitive as possible though, you need to start as early as possible, so make an appointment with Assistant Dean Sorensen now to discuss what the best options are for you. 

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