Service Organizations

  • Best Buddies is an international non-profit organization dedicated to creating one-to-one friendships with members of the community with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters is a site-based mentoring program at Barkley Elementary School, which is about 15 minutes away from Ursinus.

  • Ursinus College Environmental Action (UCEA) is a student organization that helps to organize environmental initiatives across campus, while also volunteering time off campus as well.

  • The Ursinus College Ambassador (UCA) is first and foremost a “Change Agent” responsible for exacting positive change in one of four communities he/she has a stake in. The four communities are as follows: Ursinus College, the general Collegeville area, his/her hometown, the global community.

  • UC EMS is an on-campus service focused on providing emergency medical care to all students, faculty, and staff. Its membership is compiled completely of students who are certified emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and first responders.

  • V.IRTU.E (Virtual Ursinus Service) is the newest addition to Ursinus’ clubs and extracurricular activities. Founded and organized in 2020, Virtue has been able to reach out to various organizations and allow Ursinus students access to community service virtually.

  • Wismer on Wheels is an on-campus community service organization that works to combat local community hunger and poverty.