Spring on campus.

Defend the Den.

What you need to know to about our response to COVID-19 and the procedures in place to keep our campus safe this Spring 2021.

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As we begin the spring semester, we’re committed to maintaining a safe and healthy campus. And while much uncertainty remains regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the unpredictable impact it will have in the coming months, we intend to move forward with the understanding that the situation demands flexibility, particularly as we prioritize the health and well-being of all faculty, staff and students.

The different phases below correspond to different levels of health practices on campus depending on the health situation on campus, and to a lesser extent, in the surrounding community. The color for each phase represents a more general reference for the phases (Red, Old Gold, and Black). 

Status Alert Levels
UC dashboard button black mediumactive UC dashboard button striped UC dashboard button red
Campus remains safe. Continue
with physical distancing
measures, but limited traffic
to-and-from campus is permitted.
Strict monitoring of the campus environment. In-person instruction continues with limited campus activity. Strict physical distancing and PPE guidelines remain in place. Wismer food service continues, small group gatherings permissible as per PA Dept. of Health guidelines. Off-campus travel limited and strongly discouraged. External visitors not permitted, with exception of admission. Positive cases and quarantining reaching their threshold. Students are virtual learning, though they remain in residence on campus; however, faculty and staff should instruct and work virtually wherever possible. No extra-curricular activities or recreational engagement. Food service is “take out.” External visitors not permitted on campus,
and traffic to/from campus by faculty and staff are kept to a minimum.
Full remote learning. Only students with extenuating circumstances remain on campus. Administrative offices are fully remote. No on-campus food service and facilities across campus are closed.


Please direct all questions to covid19@ursinus.edu
 and a member of our taskforce will reply at our earliest opportunity!