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COVID Dashboard • Bears Return • Wellness Center • Ursinus

Tests Completed on Campus

January 20 - 21:
test results


COVID Dashboard • Bears Return • Wellness Center • Ursinus

Positive Results

January 20 - 21:
positive tests

This chart shows the importance of contact tracing. The data represented by the black color reflects those individuals currently in isolation because of positive test results from the previous week. It is important to remember that "contacts"—those who were exposed to individuals with positive test results—may also develop COVID-19 related symptoms within two weeks while in quarantine. Even though they tested negative before moving into quarantine as "contacts," they may ultimately test positive while in quarantine—at which case, they are moved to isolation. (NOTE: If quarantining off campus, this test result likely resulted from off-campus testing.) This data point is reflected by the yellow color.





COVID Dashboard • Bears Return • Wellness Center • Ursinus

Weekly Outcomes

January 20 - 21:
in isolation,
in quarantine

The above data reflects the total number of students, faculty or staff that are currently in isolation or quarantine—not just those entering this week.


COVID Dashboard • Bears Return • Wellness Center • Ursinus

Isolation & Quarantine (1/20 - 1/21)


COVID Dashboard • Bears Return • Wellness Center • Ursinus

Test Results (1/20 - 1/21)


When will I hear about results?


Ursinus conducts on-campus testing every Monday and Tuesday. Those who test positive will hear immediately after the confirmation of those results, at which time the Montgomery County Department of Health will, in partnership with Ursinus volunteers and our Health Corps, activate contact tracing. We respectfully ask for your patience during that process. We will most likely communicate with those students expected to quarantine by Friday of every week. If you do not hear from the college, you can expect your weekly results were negative and that you were not identified as a “contact.”



What is meant by isolation?  


Isolation is the separation of someone who is ill with or has tested positive for COVID-19 from people who are not sick. Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 typically isolate for at least 10 days (the duration of the infective period) from the time they are tested or symptoms first appear but could be isolated for longer periods if symptoms persist. Students in on-campus housing must go home if possible to isolate. Students who cannot return home to isolate will need to relocate to isolation housing.



What is meant by quarantine?


Quarantine is the separation of someone exposed to a COVID-positive individual from those who are not sick or exposed, in case the exposed person becomes sick or tests positive for COVID-19. A typical quarantine period lasts 14 days (the duration of the incubation period). Students in on-campus housing must go home if possible to quarantine. Students who cannot return home to quarantine will need to relocate to quarantine housing.



Who will be contacting me?


Immediately after we are made aware of positive results, those students will be notified by our case managers. That initial conversation begins a process involving three different—but highly coordinated—teams all focused on supporting the well-being of our students. They are:

  • COVID Case Managers: As the first point of contact for students, these volunteer Ursinus staff members call you directly to inform you that you tested positive or have been identified as being in close contact with someone who has tested positive. They initiate and coordinate the isolation or quarantine process. This person will check in with you periodically throughout your 10-day quarantine or isolation period via email and will help you know what to expect for your return to campus.

  • COVID Contact Tracers: This team is made up of trained Ursinus volunteers working with the Montgomery County Office of Public Health. If you tested positive, they will call you after your conversation with your case manager and will conduct a brief but thorough interview with you, asking you about symptoms and working with you to identify any individuals you have been in close contact with. For those identified as contacts, the tracer will only ask about your symptoms (or lack thereof).

  • COVID Coordinators: Consisting of Ursinus alumni, the coordinators will follow up with you via a call or text 1.) once you have made your plan to quarantine or isolate, and 2.) are ready to transition out of your residence hall. A coordinator will meet you outside of your residence hall to collect your room key and ID, give you a new on-campus quarantine/isolation housing key (if needed), and provide general support and encouragement.


Status Alert Levels


UC dashboard button black

Campus remains safe. Continue with physical distancing measures, but limited traffic to-and-from campus is permitted.

UC dashboard button gold

Strict monitoring of the campus environment. In-person instruction continues with limited campus activity. Strict physical distancing and PPE guidelines remain in place. Wismer food service continues, small group gatherings permissible as per PA Dept. of Health guidelines. Off-campus travel limited and strongly discouraged. External visitors not permitted, with exception of admission.

UC dashboard button striped

Positive cases and quarantining reaching their threshold. Students are virtual learning, though they remain in residence on campus; however, faculty and staff should instruct and work virtually wherever possible. No extra-curricular activities or recreational engagement. Food service is “take out.” External visitors not permitted on campus, and traffic to/from campus by faculty and staff are kept to a minimum.

UC dashboard button red

Full remote learning. Only students with extenuating circumstances remain on campus. Administrative offices are fully remote. No on-campus food service and facilities across campus are closed.