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Status: HiGH

Current Student Vaccination Rate: 96.2% 

Tests Completed on Campus

Week of 11/18:
antigen test results

* First-year and early arrival   ** Returning student arrival



New Positive Results

Week of 11/18:
individuals tested positive on-campus

* First-year and early arrival   ** Returning student arrival

UPDATED 10/8: Any off-campus positives shared with the task force are not included in the transmission status report, as they reflect results beyond our campus community. Also Note that the Montgomery County Department of Health will, in partnership with Ursinus volunteers and our Health Corps, be responsible for contact tracing. We respectfully ask for your patience during that process.





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Total Weekly Outcomes

Week of 11/18:
in isolation,
in quarantine

* First-year and early arrival   ** Returning student arrival

UPDATED 10/28: The above data reflects the total number of students, faculty or staff that are currently in isolation or quarantine that we are aware of, either due to on-campus or off-campus positive test results.






Isolation is the separation of someone who is ill with or has tested positive for COVID-19 from people who are not sick. Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 typically isolate for at least 10 days (the duration of the infective period) from the time they are tested or symptoms first appear but could be isolated for longer periods if symptoms persist. In this situation, students in on-campus housing should refer to their off-campus isolation plan.


Quarantine is the separation of someone exposed to a COVID-positive individual from those who are not sick or exposed, in case the exposed person becomes sick or tests positive for COVID-19. A typical quarantine period lasts 10 days. Students in on-campus housing must go home if possible to quarantine and should refer to their personal quarantine plan.



Who will be contacting me?


Immediately after we are made aware of positive results, those students will be notified by our case managers. That initial conversation begins a process involving three different—but highly coordinated—teams all focused on supporting the well-being of our students. They are:

  • COVID Case Managers: As the first point of contact for students, these volunteer Ursinus staff members call you directly to inform you that you tested positive or have been identified as being in close contact with someone who has tested positive. They initiate and coordinate the isolation or quarantine process. This person will check in with you periodically throughout your 10-day quarantine or isolation period via email and will help you know what to expect for your return to campus.

  • COVID Contact Tracers: This team is made up of trained Ursinus volunteers working with the Montgomery County Office of Public Health. If you tested positive, they will call you after your conversation with your case manager and will conduct a brief but thorough interview with you, asking you about symptoms and working with you to identify any individuals you have been in close contact with. For those identified as contacts, the tracer will only ask about your symptoms (or lack thereof).


Understanding the health of our campus

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Our frequently expressed goal is to keep the campus healthier, in terms of COVID transmission rates, than the surrounding community. The CDC categorizes transmission levels into four categories: High, Substantial, Moderate, and Low, depending on the number of positive cases. Currently, the CDC has put Montgomery County in the High Transmission category.

Ursinus has adapted these same criteria to our campus, taking into account the much more aggressive testing procedure that we employ, and the fact that all positive cases are isolated from the community promptly. Please note that any positives recorded off-campus, but shared with the task force as a courtesy, will not be included in this weekly transmission status update.






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