Commuting to Campus

After providing a pre-return test showing a negative result, students who are commuting will be very welcome on campus and permitted to attend classes in person, attend on-campus activities, study in the library, and enjoy the company of friends provided they follow all of the Health and Safety Guidelines including wearing an appropriate mask and physical distancing.

In order to continue visiting campus, students who are commuting will be required to follow all of the Health and Safety Guidelines, observe physical distancing, wear a mask, and participate in weekly testing.

Only resident students are permitted to enter residence halls or houses.

Students who are taking remote courses only, or who are commuting, are not permitted in residence halls and should maintain physical distancing and mask-wearing around all members of the Ursinus community if on campus. Students who will be commuting to campus and participating in in-person classes will be expected to engage in weekly testing.

Commuter Designated Spaces

Commuter students may use all public spaces (masked and physically distanced). They may also use the following commuter-only classrooms.

  • Olin 008, 009, 103
  • Bomberger 228
  • Thomas 323 

Frequently Asked Questions