Information for Current Students

Ursinus College is dedicated to ensuring a healthy living and studying environment for its students.

 All registered students are eligible to receive services at the Wellness Center at low to no cost. Students have access to unlimited visits with our providers for treatment and management of acute and chronic conditions. Click here for a list of medical services that can be provided to students by the Wellness Center. An asterisk indicates that an additional charge may apply, or a referral to another facility may be necessary.

Excuse Notes

The Wellness Center does not provide written excuses for missed classes or missed assignments due to illness.  It is recommended that students schedule routine appointments or visits for minor medical issues at times that do not conflict with class or work whenever possible.  Examples include: physicals, allergy injections, immunizations, routine prescription refills, dressing changes, etc. If you are planning to be evaluated at the Wellness Center during class time, please advise your professors prior to missing class.  The Wellness Center will not disclose medical information or diagnoses to professors without a signed release.

In an emergency situation where a student must leave the college immediately, the Wellness Center will notify the Dean’s Office. The student is responsible for notifying his/her professors.

Changes in Health Record / Insurance

For any changes to your health insurance plan, please provide the Wellness Center with a copy of your new insurance card and indicate your preferred Lab.

For changes to your current health including allergies, please update your Health Record and submit it to the Wellness Center.

Medical Record

If you are requesting your medical records be sent to other institutions or facilities, please complete and sign the release form and fax it to the Wellness Center at (610) 409-3778 or email it to

The request should include the following information:

  • Your name and birth date.
  • Your current class year.
  • What specific information you are requesting.

Information for Parents


Students that seek medical treatment at the Wellness Center have the option of signing a consent form allowing the Wellness Center providers to discuss medical care related issues with the students’ parents or legal guardians. If the consent is not signed, providers will not release any information to parent or legal guardian and refer the parent or guardian back to the student. Students may allow or revoke consent to speak with parents or legal guardians at any time.

Additionally, if the visit is sensitive in nature, the provider will not discuss the issue with a parent or legal guardian without explicit permission from the student.