Spring 2021 Dining FAQs

Updated 1/15/2021

What precautions are being made for safe dining?

The college has met with both the state and county to ensure all safety and health guidelines for dining are in place. This includes the reduction of seating, increased spacing of tables, revised traffic patterns, elimination of self-service food, additional staffing for service and cleaning along with other precautions.

How will Upper Wismer operate?

The two weeks during which groups of students are arriving on campus, dining will be take-out only. With the exception of those two weeks Upper Wismer will operate with:

  • a dramatic reduction of seating
  • increased spacing of tables
  • revised traffic patterns to allow for physical distancing
  • additional staffing added for dining room cleaning
  • servers at the stations eliminating self-service
  • counters to ensure capacity stays at or below 50% 
  • additional cleaning (e.g. tables cleaned between uses)

What are my options for dining with my meal plan?

With the exception of the two weeks of take-out only (see below) dining services will operate with servers at the stations. Counters will be in place to ensure the capacity stays at or below 50%.

Take-out only precautions

There will be two weeks during which dining will be take-out only. These are the weeks in January when new students arrive on campus.

During the take-out option each student will be able to take as much food as will fit in their containers. They will receive:

  • a 9” three-compartment container
  • a 6” container
  • 16 oz cup and lid for beverage
  • If soup is requested, soup will be distributed in a cup with lid

What variety of special options will be made for allergy sufferers and vegetarians?

Simple Servings will be open with a full menu.

Will the C-Store be open?

The Smart Market will open on January 20, with new hours. There will be additional health and safety procedures in place.

Smart Market Hours

Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Saturday – Sunday 2:00 PM – 11:00 PM