annual report 2022

Dear Ursinus Community,

What a difference a year makes! This time last year, Ursinus College was still a relative unknown to me. Sure, I’d heard of the small community-centric, yet nationally recognized liberal arts college—a “college that changes lives”—but I had no idea that I would one day lead this storied institution as its 19th president. I’m humbled and honored, and I look forward to helping to usher Ursinus to new greatness over the next several years.
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HOW WE BUILD Community

What makes a community? It’s more than just the physical space around us. It’s people who share passions and ideas; a sense of belonging; diversity of thought; a common purpose; and an interpersonal connection. The Ursinus community expands well beyond the reach of 170 acres in Collegeville. It’s comprised of our neighbors, strategic partners, and friends. And each of us has a job to do—collectively—to infuse our sense of common good in all we pursue right here at home, and all around the world. It’s the Ursinus way.
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800 lbs

The amount of produce grown by the campus farm and donated to the daily bread community food pantry.

Bonner Leaders

32 Students served as Bonner Leaders.

60% of Ursinus Students

Participated in service projects.

Community Partners

Engaged with Ursinus in service projects last year.
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Ingenuity starts with opportunity. Ursinus students disrupt the status quo and reimagine what’s possible. They’ve taken a
fundamental question of the Quest curriculum, “What Will I Do?” and answered it with a bold and resounding, “Everything.”
They’re empowered to remove rigid parameters, break down silos, work at the intersection of disciplines, and invite diverse voices
from different backgrounds and generations to come up with solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. At their very core,
the liberal arts are innovative. It’s about being open to fresh perspectives, being unafraid to experiment and fail, and sparking
ideas that create change.

Research Projects Awarded Grant Funding

The number of research projects awarded grant funding in 2021-22.

Summer Fellows Supported by Donors

33 Summer Fellows had their research projects supported by grant or donor funding.

Students Doing Undergraduate Research

The percentage of Ursinus students who participate in undergraduate research.

$7.5M in Grant Funding

The Combined Amount Of Grant Funding Applied For And Awarded In 2021-22.
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Our People

Student Athlete Participation

In at least one event hosted by The Hidden Opponent, a national nonprofit focused on mental health in athletics.

All-Conference Selections

Across all sports 2021-22

Honor Roll Selections

Centennial Conference academic honor roll selections.

Field Hockey Success

The field hockey team qualified for the NCAA tournament for the 13th time in program history.
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Fiscal Strength

Parent Giving Increase

Giving from current and past parents increased in 2021-22 by over 8%.

New Named Funds

New named funds were created during the 2021-22 fiscal year thanks to our donors’ loyal support.

3,912 Donors

The number of donors who contributed gifts last fiscal year.

Raised for the Endowment

$7.5m is the total amount raised for the endowment in FY22.
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