If You Have Experienced Sexual Misconduct

  1. Get to a safe place immediately.
    Get to a safe place as quickly as you can. If you think you are in imminent danger, call the Police by dialing 9-1-1 or call Campus Safety at 610-409-3333.
  2. Contact someone for help and support.
    Ursinus offers support services and resources to Complainants, including the Student Affairs Staff, Peer Advocates, and the Wellness Staff. Complainants will be treated with sensitivity, dignity, and respect. Depending on the nature of the offense and the status of the accused, there may be instances when Ursinus must take action to protect the Complainant and/or members of the College Community by use of a Campus Crime Alert, Warning, or other type of protective or remedial measures.
  3. Seek medical attention as soon as possible.
    Even if you do not want to report to the police, or if it has been a while since the assault, you can still benefit from medical attention. Local hospitals have Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners to administer care and collect evidence. Health concerns such as sexually transmitted disease (STD), pregnancy, and treatment of injuries will be addressed.
    A hospital or medical facility can aid in the collection of evidence of a sexual assault, which can only be collected for a short time after a sexual assault occurs. Evidence is best preserved if you do not change your clothes, shower, bathe, douche, wash your hands, brush your teeth, or comb your hair prior to seeking medical attention.
    The Wellness Center also provides pregnancy testing, STD prevention, emergency contraception, and evaluation services. To schedule an appointment, call 610-409-3100 or email wellness@ursinus.edu. You may also visit the Wellness Center without an appointment.
  4. Get Emotional Support.
    Tell someone you trust. There are resources available both on and off campus to provide you with guidance and support after a sexual assault. The following resources are available to all Ursinus College students:
    • Wellness Center: 610-409-3100. Campus counselors are available to provide confidential support during business hours.
    • Montgomery County Victim Services Center 24-hour hotline: 610-277-5200. In addition to the 24-hour crisis hotline, Victim Services offers free legal advocacy, individual and group therapy, and other resources for reporting parties.

Dan KellyTitle IX

Dan Kelly
Associate Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator